Reconciliation Landscape 2018

Reconciliation Landscape 2018


Bedhead: 180cm x 120cm

Photographs: 30cm x 40cm

Photo paper, wood, varnish, brass

A wood bedhead with an opened inset door, staged for a photographic series in five different locations.


With Reconciliation Landscape I wanted to highlight an open dialogue between the inside and the outside in terms of the land and the multiple nationalities that I carry around and its implications culturally, socially, politically and philosophically. At the same time, I was interested in the duality and duplicity that was imbued in the dialogue between the inside of our bodies (physicality) and the outside world dividing our senses and the way that we perceive and are perceived.

Emanating from a reconciliation and harmonious mindset, the integration of the parts to the whole is what I believe is what multiculturism provides to humanity.

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