A Critique to the Anglo-Saxon Landscape 2017

A Critique to the Anglo-Saxon Landscape 2017


Wood, Porcelain

Frame sizes:
110cm x 71cm
79cm x 50cm
55cm x 35cm

The composition of landscapes from an Anglo-Saxon point of view are always orderly and trimmed. It also shows the imperialist mentality reflected in the landscape of the colonised countries.  This is something deeply ingrained in the cultural essence and it acts as a powerful symbolic tool.

I was interested in the tension created by different perspectives of understanding life and how that translated to the philosophical question at the core of my practice: what is more important, the weight or the lightness?

The idea was to create a framed object in opposition or in tension with a wild organic element of life, being too difficult to constrain or contain inside, creating movement, dynamics of life and making a clear statement on my position about the issue. This is to challenge the idea that paintings have a central focus on household decorations, especially with Australia being called a painting country. The aim is to elevate what I believe to be noble materials, like clay and wood, to the centre of attention and a new conceivable way for ornamental decoration of households.

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