A Theological Reconfiguration 2018

A Theological Reconfiguration 2018


90cm x 120cm x 45cm
Shadow box sculpture.
Wood, porcelain, copper, acrylic.

A Theological Reconfiguration pays homage to Caravaggio’s “Supper at Emmaus” (1606) considering contemporary devastation.

The traditional use of Chiaroscuro as a technique for painting with religious purposes has a direct correlation with Theological principles concerning the power of light and darkness, good and evil.

Inspired by Klimt’s “Tree of Life”, tree sculptures from Ai Weiwei (a criticism to industrialization) and Patricia Piccinini’s room “The Field”, where nothing is what it seems, I wanted to expand the notion of chiaroscuro from painting to sculpture, from religious dogma to laws of nature Environmental issues in our society highlight the dependence and need of trees for our own survival as a species. Trees not only provide oxygen but fight extreme weather caused by climate change, which leads to poverty, instability and hunger; all major drivers of violence and terrorism.

Weeping Willows are highly symbolic trees associated with flexibility, adaptability and feminine traits. The triangle shape is related to ancient Egyptian elements of life and as the emblem of the International Brigades, whom fought fascism.

“Trees are one of the strongest weapons we have in the fight against
climate change, and it is a fight”. (Years Project, 2018).

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