Nineveh 2019

Nineveh 2019


Wood, Porcelain

H: 180cm x W: 140cm x D: 30cm

The symbolism carried through the construction of gardens and abundant sources of water is quintessential to the Arab culture and promoted early inventions on engineering for irrigation systems that were adopted in other parts of the world.

Growing up in Spain, I always felt fascinated by Arab culture and the architectural design choice of mocárabe/muqarnas, splendidly represented in The Alhambra palace (Granada).

I felt extremely interested in the concept of inventions and authorship in correlation to contemporary culture. The influence that politics imposes on history displays a clear division/barrier between western societies and Arab nations (Nineveh was in the current country of Iraq).

I wanted to design a structure with my favourite materials of expression, wood and ceramics, that reclaimed the space and somehow carried multiple layers of symbolism regarding the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and my Spanish cultural heritage.

I decided to create a room divider out of wood and, ideally, in the shape of a semi-circle or amphitheatre as portrayed in the drawing reconstruction of the hanging gardens. The semantic definition of a room divider carried important connotations between the cultural barrier separating the West and the Arab world.


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